Trisha is an expert at her job. She has so much expertise and helped me with so many different areas of my face that needed attention. She brought my brows back to their glory days with threading, curled my stick-straight lashes in a way that stayed for a month or more and made my face glow. She explains all of her methods, treatments and options clearly. I will only let her touch my face!! --Aimee Joy


---Aimee Joy

Trisha is amazing! My eyebrows and skin have never looked better! I will never go anywhere else and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!


---Dara Lisanti Weber

Super excited about my initial results with the Smooth System! After undergoing the brutality that is electrolysis, the SS is a breeze! The needle is minimally invasive and only the slightest bit uncomfortable in certain more sensitive spots like the middle-upper lip. Trisha is such a perfectionist – EXACTLY the kind of person I want to remove my facial hair! The sessions go quickly as we catch up while she works and the best part? The results are immediate. I walk out of the salon with a neck, chin, and upper lip clear of that sharp, dark, weasely-little stubble. I’m on session four and will need a few more to completely erase the hair. The process has been so simple and I can’t believe I’m heading toward a tweezer-free, razor-free, hair-free life


---Corie Parise